About Us

Dedicated to Commemoration and the Environment

The Seton Centre is a museum dedicated to the commemoration of Ernest Thompson Seton and the promotion of his ideals. Seton loved the Carberry Sandhills and often referred to the time he spent here (1882-1892) as the “Golden Years” of his life. Many of his stories and pieces of art were inspired by his years living in this area, long before Carberry became the town it is today. It was upon returning here that he began to realize the impact of humanity on the prairies – making him one of North America’s first environmentalists.

The Seton Centre is housed in one of Carberry’s many heritage buildings. Built ca. 1915, our building is considered an excellent example of concrete block construction – a building method popular in Manitoba until World War I. In 2006, our museum was listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places through the Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism. Recently, we were honoured to receive an award for Product Development from Westman Tourism in recognition of Little Seton Park.


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