Heritage Festival

We celebrated the day: it would have been Seton’s 155th birthday had he lived on beyond his passing in 1946.  He managed to pack a tremendous amount of researching, writing, art making and travel in to his eighty six years of a well lived life. It has become a custom at The Seton Centre to mark Seton’s birthday each summer. The birthday celebrations were a wonderful fit as part of Carberry’s 3rd Heritage Festival on Saturday, August 8th.

This year, we were very happy that Seton enthusiasts Barbara Huck and Peter St. John located under the awning in front of The Seton Centre to chat with festival goers and to promote their literary wares. Their most recent (and best seller), In Search of Canada’s Ancient Hear land is now available at The Seton Centre for sale. The book features Manitoba, and there are specific passages about the Carberry Sandhills much loved by Seton. Check it out!

As part of the weekend event, we welcomed visitors for tours of the museum and Little Seton Park. They arrived in good numbers. Nelli Sippel, interpreter, was called on for her friendly and engaging interaction with visitors to the museum.

Comments in our guest book attest to the appreciation and compliments for the museum exhibits. Changes in the museum, a result of efforts by both Nelli and our second interpreter Simon Winkler, include some much needed attention to books in our collection. New archival protective book covers have been provided for some of our Seton books as a way to protect the books. In addition, Simon and Nelli have progressed towards the digitization of our collection of Seton titles.

These developments are not especially evident when you walk in the museum, but our board is very satisfied with the progress in each of these daunting undertakings. Outdoors, our guest, arborist Chris Saborowski, gave small group and one on one suggestions on how best to prune and care for trees. His ideas are pertinent to us as we are attempting to give good attention to our several native trees and fruit bearing native shrubs in Little Seton Park.

Fundraising is, it seems, central to our ability to keep moving along with The Seton Centre. So, along with the celebrations, board members and volunteers offered a full double table offering of fresh garden vegetables, various preserves and oodles of home baking. This, along with sales from our barbeque, which featured beefalo burgers netted much needed profits which are being used to cover aspects of our staffing and of the day to day operation of The Seton Centre.

Our thanks go out to those who lunched with us or brought home items from our farmers’ market. Much appreciated and much needed. This would not have been possible without the generosity of donations of vegetables, baking and preserves.  It would not have run as smoothly (or at all) without museum board members along with our able team of volunteers, Erin Murray, Peggy Hood, Linda Baron, Jackie Sallows, Gary Sallows and Bruce Hood. Thank you so much for your time and assistance! Happy birthday Ernest Thompson Seton!


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