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July, 2022

An open letter to member and supporters of The Seton Centre:

Members and supporters of The Seton Centre, it is that time of year to renew your membership and interest in The Seton Centre. Time to check in and find out about the current activities at the museum.

Enroll your children in the sessions with our summer staff to learn about nature, art, ecology and other topics that relate to Ernest Thompson Seton’s stay in Carberry in the 1880’s. Stop by the museum or check our Facebook page for details and times.

Relax and enjoy Little Seton Park by the museum., Enjoy our collection of trees, fruit bearing shrubs, grasses and flowers which are native to our part of Manitoba. We have comfortable benches and a lovely picnic table for visitors. View our bronze life size wolf sculpture by artist Chris Cooper.

Help us keep the museum viable by offering your time and support to accomplish the goals of the museum. We are always pleased to receive books and artifacts by and about Seton to add to our collection at the museum.

Our interpretive summer staff are available Monday through Saturday to show you around the museum. We’d love to see you.

Jackie Sallows

Chairperson for The Seton Centre.


June 28, 2017


What’s up at The Seton Centre this summer? How can I help with it all? These are questions we hope you can relate to as you read our newsletter, Happenings, and catch up with the goings on at the museum.

While I don’t wish to steal the thunder of the newsletter, or to repeat the descriptions of our programming and achievements, hitting the highlights quickly seems to be the right thing to attempt. So, since we have just participated in an orientation on how to take advantage of the user friendly features of our new website, I will tell you a little about it. Our site, allows us to keep visitors to the site up to date with the museum. This has been a wish of the board for quite a long time, several years. Now, we are in a much better situation, with this recent undertaking by Innovative Media Group of Brandon. So, please check out our website!

In Little Seton Park, the native plantings have never seen it so good. It must be the response to high levels of rainfall and reduced competition; the plants and shrubs are growing quickly. Like many enthusiastic gardeners, we ignored warnings that some of the species require a fairly large foot print once they are established. We expect to be moving plants around to make sufficient room for the larger ones. We have already had to move stepping stones so that visitors are not finding themselves in the middle of the growth. It is all very promising.

Inside, it is a thrill each time I encounter our new taxidermy young female wolf. She is a special addition to the museum, and a reminder of how Seton was so strongly affected by and respectful of that animal. Other new features include the herbarium storage cabinet, the exhibit case and a photo frame production featuring the native plants of the area.

Moving to the second question, about how you can help, I can relay some ways others have been pitching in. As a volunteer, Stewart Bailey has helped us enormously with his wonderful taxidermy skills, by providing the time and skills to create our wolf piece and to restore our deer head piece. Several folks have helped with programs at the museum including Rae Anderson and Susana Danyliuk who assisted us with a bird study event for Mrs. Suggitt’s Grade One class this spring. Homemade cookies, bread, fresh veggies, and preserves have been donated for us to use at the Carberrry Farmer’s Market where we sell stuff to earn money for our museum programs. We would not have been able to do the Farmer’s Market without the generosity of these contributors. So, help can come in a number of forms, and regardless of the form, it is always appreciated. The money we receive from memberships and donations goes directly to programs we carry out each year unless it is stipulated that the money is intended for a special project of the museum. The Seton Centre is not a part of an umbrella fundraiser like the United Appeal, so we rely on individual gifts from folks like you. Please give this your consideration for as you know, successful programs require funds for materials, staffing, and promotion to name a few of the expenses. We believe that our programs tackle a very important area of study.


Cheryl Orr-Hood
Chairperson for The Seton Centre

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